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Posted on Sat Dec 7th, 2019 @ 2:14am by Lieutenant Commander Broka & Lieutenant Commander Marisol Lopez & Lieutenant Commander Kali nas-Kull M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Delphine Xandari PhD & Lieutenant Irissa Lang LT

Mission: Into the Dark Mirror
Location: Bridge

Kali walked onto the bridge and looked around. No trace of the skipper or the first officer, which was unusual, but the image of another starship, one unfamiliar to Kali, on the main viewer. "Would someone mind letting me know what's going on?" she asked.

Lieutenant Commander Broka stepped away from the rear-mounted Engineering workstation, looking closely at the new arrival to the Bridge of the Valhalla, "A great question, Commander?"

"Kali nas-Kull", she said. "Back on the starbase I was given the impression that it's customary in Starfleet to get at least the senior staff to report for their physicals before we'll get into any crises." How else was she going to get to know people?

LT Irissa Lang looked up from her chair where she had been waiting for someone from sickbay to come and take a look at the throbbing bump on her head. "I'm not entirely sure. I hit my head and when I came to we were here. The Captain and XO have gone over to the other ship. CMDR Barnes called to sickbay for me. So tell me Doc, am I fit to stay on duty and do you have anything that will get rid of one hell of a headache?"

"Let me have a look", Kali said. "I'm going to say losing consciousness is not such a bad sign because it happened to a number of people even without hitting their heads." She scanned the bump on Irissa's head. "Yes, you can remain at your station, there is no concussion." She took out the regenerator and ran it over the bump to make it disappear. "The pain should be gone in a few minutes."

Not that she was any closer to understanding what was going on. "That ship does not look friendly. What are those markings?" Kali asked.

Irissa tilted her head from side to side and sighed with relief. "Thank you", she said, as she looked up at the doctor. Irissa stood and turned toward the main viewer, shaking her head. "Commander Barnes said something about the Terran Empire and a dragon." She looked over at Broka. "Commander Broka, did you catch anything more than that?"

"I'm afraid that I haven't," the Chief Engineer said from his workstation. "I'm reading some strange power flux from our warp core though. Almost as if our power signature is different all of a sudden. I can't really explain it, but I'll continue to monitor." He wondered how the Captain and XO were doing.

"That's odd", Irissa said. "If you want to head down to Engineering I can hold down the fort Commander. Did the Captain or XO say anything about communication silence?"

Where had Kali heard the term Terran Empire before? She was certain that it had come up at some point. At school, as a child. Something rang a bell. Was it in physics class? It was a dark patch of memory in the back of her head and she couldn't quite place it. Instead of asking a possibly silly question, Kali decided to sit down at an unoccupied console and had the computer display what she needed to know. "Not good", she said eventually.

The Ferengi was about to answer when the Doctor interrupted, "What's not good, Doctor?"

"The computer just put me in the loop with what the Terran Empire is", Kali said. "An evil version of Starfleet? We should prepare to defend ourselves, and possibly to rescue the skipper and the first officer."

"Yellow Alert," the Engineer ordered as he turned and walked toward the Command Stations. The Captain had left him in command, so now this was his responsibility. "Begin active scans for the Captain and First Officer. Full sweeps. Let's keep an eye open for anything."

Irissa moved to her Control Panel. "Doctor, does the computer have any information on 'The Dragon'?"

Kali shook her head. "No, this is historical data, the most recent of which is about fifty years old, and talks about an Empire that conquered most of known space by force, then fell to a rebellion by the Klingons and Cardassians, who in turn were weakened by the Terrans again, and the latest information is that they were attempting to rebuild their empire under a Smiley O'Brien."

Irissa looked over her panel, "Commander, all Decks have reported in and are at Yellow Alert." She looked back over at the Doctor. "Smiley O'Brien....that name doesn't sound familiar to me. Does the computer have anything more on O'Brien?"

"I recall a Professor O'Brien who taught at Starfleet Academy," Broka said from the XO's Chair. "He had talked about a transdimensional transporter they encountered while he served on Deep Space Nine during the Dominion Conflicts." The Ferengi shifted, "I wonder if they are interconnected?"

Irissa looked over at the Commander. "An evil version of Starfleet and transdimensional transporters don't add up to anything pleasant, that is for sure." Irissa said.

"And yes, they are connected. The database says it's the same person. Looks like it's mostly a Terran affair, which is why I never heard too much about it at home", Kali said.

Marisol walked onto the bridge next, she had been in the armory going over the weapons inventory with Saris when.... whatever the Hell had happened happened, "So, any idea what's going on here?" She asked; she loved a mystery, but not so much the ones that might endanger her life.

Kali looked at Marisol and thought 'damn, she's cute', something she was pretty sure Delphine would pick up on easily enough, if she was paying attention. She cleared her throat and gave Marisol a quick summary of what they had just determined. "Now what I'd like to know is why our skipper and first officer are over there."

"And more than that why they're over there without me or my people..." Marisol grumbled, as if being kicked out of FIS and back onto shipside duty wasn't bad enough now she had the CO and XO of the ship trying to play cowboy when they didn't even know where the hell they were...

"Please begin scans seeing if you can locate them, Chief," the Ferengi said from the First Officer's workstation. "I want to begin efforts to bring them back aboard and find a way to return to our own universe. Work with our Operations Officer to do so please."

"Right." Marisol nodded, beginning tactical scans for the CO and XO's life signs, hoping they hadn't managed to get themselves killed.

Broka looked at the Doctor, "If you could pull details on their DNA for their last medical scans, Doctor, it would be appreciated and could help us with locating them."

Delphine, for her part, had been very quiet this entire time, sitting on the deck with her eyes closed, reaching out across the void to the other ship, "I don't sense them in any danger, Captain." She addressed Broka, then turned to Kali, "And you're right, she is."

Irissa looked over at Delphine with confusion on her face. "She is what?" she asked in a perplexed voice.

"Cute", Kali answered Irissa. "No worries, Delphine here is just answering my thoughts." She looked at Delphine and winked, which in her case meant her antennae dipped quickly down and up again.

Broka smirked at the interplay between the two. With any luck the Captain and XO would be found soon enough.

"Ah!", Irissa said with a smile and looked back down at her console.

The Chief Engineer looked at Ops, "Something good I hope?"

On the Bridge Irissa looked up when she heard the announcement from the Captain. "Looks like they're back on board, Commander", she said to Broka. "Shall we?" she said as she headed to the Lift.

Kali was relieved to hear that, and without another word, she made for the observation lounge.

Marisol listened with interest as the information was relayed, though none of it answered the major overlying question of what the hell was going on, Guess I'm going to have to figure it out on my own...

The Chief Engineer had not heard the announcement, but he agreed. "Lieutenant Satyk please take the Bridge. Let's not keep the Captain waiting."


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