meeting The Commanding Officer

Posted on Fri Oct 8th, 2021 @ 7:39pm by Lieutenant Chloe Young-Capp & Lieutenant JG Nathaniel Capp & Captain Ken Jamison

Mission: Into the Dark Mirror
Location: Captain's ready room
Timeline: 2429

Lieutenant Chloe Young-Capp and her husband Lieutenant Junior Grade Nathaniel Capp had arrived on the U.S.S. Valhalla after their shuttle ride from starbase 80 their kids had joined them for the trip to the Valhalla after the kids were settled in Chloe said to her husband Nathaniel "i think we should go see the Captain"chloe said. I said to Chloe " lets go see the Captain" i then said to Luke and lisa "kids we are going to see the new Captain you guys stay here with alpha 5 we will be right back." I then gave luke and lisa a hug and kiss then turned to Chloe "alright lets go see The Captain " both Chloe and I headed to a turbolift and went to deck 1 main bridge we got to the bridge and hit the door chime on the ready room door waiting for the Captain to allow us in.

Ken was in his ready room. JJ was in their quarters with Haley. Irissa was on the bridge and he was trying to figure out what angle Dragon and Zelda were playing. So far all he had was questions atop of questions. He was roused from his thoughts by the sound of his door chime. "Come." He called out wondering who it was that wanted to see him

after hearing Captain Jamison call them into his ready room Chloe and Nathaniel entered the ready room Chloe had the PADD in Hand with both their orders they stood at attention" Captain Jamison I'm Lieutenant Chloe Young-Capp Chief flight Control Officer this is my husband Lieutenant Jg Nathaniel Capp my deputy Chief flight control Officer "She said. I said"its a pleasure to meet you sir"I stood at attention.

Ken took the PaDD and waved them both into chairs. "Welcome aboard the Valhalla. I'm sorry it's under these circumstances. Commander Barnes is the XO of the Valhalla but she is attending to some personal business. Are you squared away in your quarters?"

Chloe said to Captain Jamison, "we have our quarters squared away Captain one of my husband's best friend's a robot named alpha 6 is watching our kids"she said."what's going on Captain "Both Chloe and Nathaniel had no idea what was going on .

"What's going on Lieutenant is we are currently inside a nebula hiding from Terran Empire ships." Jamison remarked. "Yes, you heard me right, we are in the mirror universe. We were pulled in during an Ion storm."

Chloe asked"how long has the Valhalla been in been in the the mirror universe Captain" she and her family had just arrived on the Valhalla and both Chloe and Nathaniel just found out that the Crew of Valhalla is currently hiding inside the nebula .

"We've been here for several days. we're trying to get more information from the ship that manufactured the Ion storm that brought us here. It seems they had a prototype piece of equipment that was capable of manufacturing Ion storms but it is now broken and there is no estimate on how long or if it can be repaired." Jamison told the pair.

Chloe assured the captain" my department is ready to help in anyway we can sir" she said.

"Excellent." Ken replied, "We will need your department and it's skills if we want to return to our universe." He added, "And I hope it's sooner rather than later."

Chloe said" aye Captain we will get right on it "chloe and Nathaniel wanted to get right to work and get to know the flight control department .

"Very good Lieutenant. I expect you two to be on top of anything that might come our way, while we're stuck here." Jamison replies, "If you have any questions, feel free to ask Lieutenant Irissa Lang for assistance."

Chloe and Nathaniel said "aye sir" then left the ready room to check on their department staff .
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OOC: We're stuck in the mirror universe. So we'll say you came aboard before we got pulled in.