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Posted on Fri Feb 21st, 2020 @ 11:53pm by Captain Ken Jamison & Commander Seth Travis & Commander JJ Barnes & Lieutenant Commander Serena Rush & Lieutenant Commander Broka & Lieutenant Commander Marisol Lopez & Lieutenant Commander Kali nas-Kull M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Delphine Xandari PhD & Lieutenant Irissa Lang LT & Lieutenant Commander Adala Galaxina

Mission: Into the Dark Mirror
Location: Shuttle/Conference Room
Timeline: After All Alone Part II
Tags: Any

Ken was silent as he and JJ went back to the Valhalla. When they docked and she made her recommendation about a staff meeting. He spoke. "Agreed JJ." He answered as the shuttle door opened and they stepped out onto the Valhalla's shuttle bay deck.

He tapped his combadge, "Jamison to all senior staff please report to conference room 2 immediately." He looked at JJ, "No time like the present to let everyone know just what is going on. You realize we're on our own. I don't expect your grandparents to readily help us."

Since Kali had been loitering about the bridge so she knew what was going on, and when to prepare for what, she just stepped into the observation lounge and took her seat at the table. She knew of no preferred seating arrangement or assigned seats, but knew enough about Starfleet customs not to sit down at the head of the table, or immediately to either side of that seat. She kept the wall display of starships behind her and looked out the window while waiting for the others to arrive.

As they approach the lift that would take them to the bridge, Koa came running up with Haley in tow. Koa wasn't a cadet anymore and the fact that she had been an acting ensign on board during her last year at the academy bought her a rank advancement to Lt JG. It wasn't really Koa's duty anymore to babysit Haley, but she still helped out when she could.

"Hold the lift!" she said.

"Sir, I was just on my way up to the bridge, but Haley found me. She's been looking for you."

"We'e been off ship for a couple of hours Koa."

Koa nodded. "I know but she didn't."

Haley latched on to Ken's hand. "Daddy...the other kids heard we were in a bad place and there were space pirates out there. Is that true?"

Ken squeezed Haley's hand softly. "Now Haley, you know better than to listen to stories. It's true though that we're in a different place but I didn't see any space pirates. So who are you going to listen to? Me and your Mom or other kids? Now don't you worry, we're going to be fine. Your going to be fine and don't listen to rumors." With that said he bent down and gave Haley a hug cause it felt good and right and he needed it.

The lift doors opened and all four stepped in. JJ bent down and hugged Haley. In truth there were space pirates right off their aft, but she didn't think they were a direct threat. Plus they were Haley's great grandparents. No time to go into family history now.

"Senior Crew Quarters, then Bridge." She ordered the computer.

"Haley, I want you to stay in our quarters when you're not in school for now. We need to know where you are. Got it?"

"Yes mommy."

"Good girl, make sure you stay there." Ken added. "Now scoot. We won't be too long. When we get finished we'll have a family dinner. Think what you want. Okay?"

"Ok Daddy...Um Captain." Haley replied with a giggle.

The door to the lift opened to the deck with the Senior crew quarters.

"Go now...we'll be down later." JJ said as she hugged the little girl.

Haley stepped out and headed down the corridor. The lift doors shut leaving JJ, Ken and Koa alone.

The lift resumed it's course the bridge.

"Good job Koa. Feel free to comfort her if she needs it but we have to make sure it doesn't seem like she has special privledges. It could cause issues with the other children."

Koa nodded. "As always. All the kids know who she is, there are those that will try to take advantage of it."

Koa leaned against the wall. "Is it worth it?"

"Worth what Koa?" JJ asked. "Having a family on a Starship." Koa added.

"There's good and bad...bad like when you're stuck the middle of an evil empire with a hit out on your head." JJ said. Then she smiled. "But good most of the time."

"Very true JJ." Ken answered then looked over at Koa, "You and K'lar thinking of starting a family Koa?"


Delphine sauntered into the observation lounge, more than a little unsure of what was going on, but she knew Kali would be there and they'd figure it all out. She took a seat alongside her wife and waited, merely whispering, "Aloha." to her bride.

Kali put her hand on top of Delphine's and asked, "You're about as confused by all this as I am, right?"

"Possibly even more so." Delphine sighed, "Can't even get a fix on things telepathically, too many minds screaming at me." The truth was she was disturbed by the entire thing, her mind was quickly becoming a nightmarescape of broken thoughts the longer they stayed there.

Irissa headed to the conference room and upon entering saw Delphine and Kali. She nodded at them as she took her seat. "How are you two doing?" she asked.

"I'm relieved we've got them back without a fight", Kali said. "However, I've got my tricorder ready to make sure their quantum signature matches ours and they have not been replaced by mirror duplicates." Kali was certain Delphine would do her own scans, if the combined unrest felt by most people aboard wasn't too much for her.

Irissa chuckled as she sat down. "Yes! Please do that. We've already had someone switch them out on us and I'm not in a hurry to have that experience again."

"I will like to sit with them for a while before they resume their posts." Delphine said, "I can find out if they're ours and treat their psychological wounds, too."

"Always do what the Doctor orders", Irissa said with a smile as she leaned back in her chair.

Commander's Rush and Travis arrived next and took their respected seats as the others continued to talk and wait for the Captain to arrive.

Ken and JJ entered the conference room. Ken went to the head of the table, JJ took a set to his right. He looked about the room. "Thank you all for coming. I'm sure you've heard the rumors. They are true. We're in the mirror universe." He paused to let the information sink in. "Now for the bad news. The method used to bring us here is damaged and there is no telling what the timetable is to get it repaired. So we are on our own." He looked at each of them. I want a current inventory of our supplies both medical and equipment along with a status report on our weapons... in case we run into some Terran Empire ships. After all I don't think we can avoid them forever. it's just a matter of time before they discover we're here." He stopped looked over at JJ then back to the assembled officers. "Questions?"

While the Captain had been explaining their predicament, Kali had been looking at her crotch like a teenager in a classroom who didn't want the teacher to find out she was looking at her PADD rather than following the lesson. But when the results came in, Kali looked up and placed the tricorder on the table in front of her. "Your scans check out", she said. "Had to make sure they didn't switch you out for your doppelgänger."

Ken looked and nodded at her, "Commendable thinking Doctor. We're all going to have to be alert. There is no federation here people. It's us. Plain and simple. We have to rely and depend on each other. So if you have a problem with someone, move past it. We don't have the luxury for that BS." He said firmly.

Kali looked at Delphine and raised her eyebrows. She hadn't heard of any problems, and hoped there wouldn't be any. But she was certain Delphine would know more. "As for sickbay, we're fully stocked, I have not used any supplies we cannot replicate." The Galaxy class, as Kali understood it, could go without resupplying for several years, so she wasn't overly concerned. "Why are we here, though?"

"We encountered another ship. Sensors identified it as the ISS Dragon, a privateer, as we moved closer, they had initiated an Ion generator and created their own ion storm which brought them back to the mirror universe and us with them." Ken replied.

"So there's nothing they want us for, specifically?" Kali asked. "Might I suggest we find somewhere to hide while we figure out how to get back?"

"An excellent idea. One I agree with completely. As for wanting us for anything specifically, not that I am aware of, at least they didn't mention anything." Ken answered as he looked at Marisol, "Commander Lopez, find us a place to hide and pass on to the Conn."

Ken's gaze drifted to where Serena and Seth sat together. "You two." He said pointing at them. "We may need allies or at least safe havens we can use to stay off the Terran Empire's radar. See what you can dig out of the database."

"Of course," Rush answered taking notes.

"We'll get right on it Captain." Travis assured the CO.

"I'll start a tactical analysis asap, sir." Marisol replied, thinking over the parameters this hiding place would need to meet. It would need to be secluded, with multiple escape routes. A nebula met all those requirements, but brought on the added problem of interference with ship's systems.

"I'll look into the previous methods of transference," the Ferengi Engineer added. "There may be an option already on the books."

Irissa leaned forward, putting her folded hands on the table. "As long as we don't have any issues with the replicator we should be just fine regarding food and water for the crew. What is our contingency plan should we run into problems? I'm not sure we will be able to resupply without drawing attention."

"That's why Commanders Rush and Travis are going to be looking for allies, where as you said Irissa in an emergency we can restock and resupply. It's going to be their standing order to find allies for us." Ken told his Ops chief.

Rush glanced sideways to Travis; though they'd started research on their new, unplanned location it hadn't taken any of the fear and worry out of the situation. Captain Jamison added his weight to any already laden burden that rested upon their shoulders.

Travis snaked a hand out and squeezed Serena's softly and then gave her a wink. They would find a way not only to find allies but get home to their own universe.

Irissa nodded. "With your permission Captain I'd like to assist Commanders Rush and Travis with their search for allies. The sooner we find some, the better."

"By all means Irissa. I'm sure the Commanders will be glad for the extra help." Jamison replied in agreement.

"Indeed we shall be, thank you Irissa," Rush nodded.

"By all means Irissa, the more heads and eyes we have on this the quicker we can find and pick out allies." Travis added gratefully.

JJ finally spoke. "If you did not here my comments on the bridge or weren't there you should know that the Privateer known as the Dragon and his first mate known as the Scorpion are my grand parents though you would not know that from appearance. We don't have the details but they are we aged somehow."

She sighed. "They are originally from this Universe and have a strong Vendetta against the Emperor. They intend to kill him."

"Do we intervene to prevent this?" The Engineer asked curious.

JJ sighed. " Before I answer that, I suppose I should add that the Emperor, at least as of the most recent Intel the Dragon has, is the Scorpians brother. So that makes the Emperor my Great Uncle. The root of all of this is a family squable. Unfortunatly it's bleeding over to our universe. The entire reason the Dragon had the ion storm generator in the first place was because he salvaged it from an Imperial Raider that came in search of him and entered our universe. Oh and before anyone mentions it, I was born in the same universe as the rest of you. I personally am not from the Imperial universe, only my family is."

She looked around the room. "For an answer to your question Broka, I'm too close to the situation. As always I and everyone else on this vessel should follow Captains orders."

As always Ken was grateful for JJ's input especially in this case. "Thank you JJ for shedding additional light on the subject. As for intervening, no this is a personal squabble we will not get dragged into. Our objective is to get back to our universe. While we work on a way to do that, we lay low and don't attract attention."

In Rush' opinion it was highly important JJ made this submission before they ventured too deep into the unknown that lay before them. They needed allies in order to stay safe while they worked on a solution to return whom. Understanding both their friends and foe alike could be key, it was unfortunate JJ had found herself in the centre of this storm.

Travis listened to Commander Barnes's explanation of the her involvement in what he viewed as a family squabble of galactic importance and was relieved to know she was (1) From the same universe as the rest of them and (2) She had no involvement in the squabble. Still that didn't mean that one or even both sides would try to get her help and of course the help of the Valhalla and the firepower she represented.

"I will make additional modifications to the engines, Captain," Broka offered calling upon his experiences from the Vigilance. "I have a few tricks that we can use to minimize our warp trail and effectively camouflage our signature. It's not exactly up to Starfleet safety specs, but it will keep us out of harms way."

"Very good Mr. Broka, make it so. I have no desire to be a rabbit to the Terran Empires hound." Ken answered grimly.

"Commander Barnes, given that your family is here I am guessing that the Emperor is most likely not an ally; what about your grandparents? Where do they stand regarding the presence of the Valhalla here?", asked Irissa.

"They have no fight with us and are working to send us home but it will take time the ion storm generator took some damage in transit. They only ask that we don't interfere. Having said that...they are pirates with a history of doing what it takes to stay on the winning side."

Irissa nodded thoughtfully. "So, allies for now, as long as we stay out of their way. Rush and Travis, let's start working on that list of friends and foes."

"That's the size of it Irissa." Ken added "And I don't think they would be above turning over this ship and crew to the Emperor if it suited their purpose."

Travis spoke up, "Ready when you are Irissa."

Irissa looked over at Travis, back to Jamison and stood up. "With your permission Captain we'll get this search underway."

Ken nodded, "You have it. Find us some allies."

Irissa nodded, "Thank you Captain. Well Rush and Travis, let's get to work." Irissa stood up and headed out of the room.

Travis nodded and held his hand out for Serena to take, "We'll let you know when we have something for you Captain."

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Commander Rush took the extended hand and followed the others out of the conference room.

"Do they need any medical assistance that we might be able to provide?" Kali asked. She figured, depending on what they have been through, casualties might be mounting.

"They didn't say and we didn't ask so I'm going to say that they do not need our assistance Doctor at least not our medical assistance." Ken answered.

"Very well", Kali said. "Though, I would like to get to know their doctor, maybe they know something we don't, and we might expand the borders of our medical knowledge."

"Perhaps later Doctor. Right now we have more important affairs to be concerned with. Namely returning to our universe and avoiding the Terran Empire while we're stuck here."

"If you like Doctor I can attempt to set up a meeting with the Scorpion for you Doctor. She is the Dragon's wife, my grandmother. She currently serves as the ISS Dragons First Mate. However, according to my mother who did come over to our universe as a child on the ISS Dragon with them, she also served as their medical officer. According to my mother she did serve as the head of Medical in her brother's...the Emperor's court, before she met the Dragon. More than likely she is also the Dragon's Medical Officer. They don't have a large crew. Understand, they're pirates, I can't guarantee your safety on their ship, but perhaps I can get her to visit ours."

"They wouldn't be planning on kidnapping me, now would they?" Kali asked. Kali figured they would not want to risk a firefight with the Valhalla. "Either way, a chance to absorb more knowledge is always welcome."

"Doctor, as JJ said, they're pirates. If kidnapping you and selling you for profit would benefit them, they would do it." Ken spoke, "I think you should wait on this or have Scorpion come here and you can discuss medical issues."

"Having her come here would be my preference as well", Kali said. "I'd just like to use the chance we've got now, before something comes up and we'll lose it."

"Good as long as we're all on the same page here. I don't want any of our people going over there and that means anybody." Ken replied firmly.

"I'll try to make the arangements. She's never met Haley so both Scorpian and Dragon may wish to visit at some point. Or maybe not. They can be difficult to gage." She looked at Ken. Security needs to be with them every moment they are here."

Ken gave her a humorless smile, "That's a given JJ. If one of them come or they both do, security will be by their side every step of the way. Make arrangements if you can. I don't want to antagonize them needlessly. We may still need them to get back to our universe. So we'll play nice for now."

Counselor Rion finally chimed in. "Please let the officers under your individual commands know that I am available anytime to talk. This is a difficult time and being so displaced from what you call home isn't easy. I have some personal experience in that situation and will be happy to talk."

Ken gave the counselor a grateful look, "Very good Counselor. I'm sure many of the crew will avail themselves of your generous offer. You might want to make plans for being busy for the foreseeable future."


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