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Lieutenant Commander Delphine Xandari

Name Delphine Kiana Xandari PhD

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5-8
Weight 159
Hair Color Sun bleached Blonde
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Delphine is a relatively tall, beautiful woman, with multiple piercings and tattoos. She keeps her hair buzzed short, nearly bald, and likes to show off her legs.


Spouse Lt. Cdr. Kali nas-Kull, MD
Children None
Father Admr. Richard Xandari, CO, SB 701
Mother Kalani Xandari, PhD, Chief Librarian, SB 701
Brother(s) Cdr. Richard Xandari, Jr. 35, CAG, USS Akagi, Akira Class
Sister(s) Cdr. Regina Xandari, 35, XO, USS Sheppard, Oberth Class Science Vessel
Other Family Maternal Grandfather: High Chief Joseph Anakahe
Maternal Grandmother: Kiana Anakahe

Paternal Grandmother: Antoinette Dumond-Xandari, Famous Chef and Writer of cookbooks.

Cousin: Coraline Xandari, Prefect of Rixx

Personality & Traits

General Overview Delphine is a bright, sunny young woman, the definition of a fun girl. She likes to keep her life as low tech as possible due to growing up in her grandfather's village on Kauai, though as a scientist she does love technology, just not in the house. After being the "most popular girl at the party" all during the Academy, she met the love of her life on her first assignment and is hopelessly devoted to her wife, Kali. A loyal friend and a kind ear to those in need, very few can say that their experience was made worse by knowing her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
-Genius Level IQ
-Great Physical Endurance
-Creative Thinker
-Survival Skill, Especially Low Tech

-Her Mouth
-Can Get So Comfortable She Doesn't Move For Extended Periods
-Likes Liquor More Than It Likes Her
Ambitions Career ambitions aren't really that big a deal to Delphine, if she never gets promoted again, that's fine with her. For her it's all about the science and, since she got placed into a counseling post, the people.
Hobbies & Interests All things water related: swimming, fishing, surfing, sailing, scuba diving, anything to be in the blue.

War gaming: Delphine has a massive collection of toy soldiers and has won tournaments recreating and fighting in historical battles. Her prized army is an Andorian Imperial Guard force from the early 2100's.

Personal History Delphine was born into a military family on the French Betazoid side and a family living in the old style on the Hawaiian side. A natural free spirit she fit better with the lifestyle of her mother's family more easily than the upper crust French and Betazoid on her father's side, though she's close to her family on both sides. From the beginning it was clear Delphine's first love would always be the ocean and all the creatures within, her name actually means Dolphin in French and she's addressed in her village exclusively as Little Dolphin, so it was no surprise to anyone when she started taking an interest in Marine science at an early age. Always out to prove that anything any of her male relatives could do she could do just as well, Delphine made an athletic mark for herself as a wide receiver and kick returner on the football team at Jack Lord High School, the long time Alma Mater of the Anakahe clan, breaking her older brother's records for most receptions in one game and longest touchdown catch.

Growing up a Starfleet Brat almost ensured that Delphine's next stop would be Starfleet Academy, following in the footsteps of her twin older siblings. While at the Academy she was known for being brilliant but somewhat lazy and was more likely to be found at a party at night than in bed, earning her the nickname Lady Dracula. While there she became very close to one of her professors, Lt. Cdr. Karl Loomis, with whom she still shares an almost paternal bond.

The best thing to occur for Delphine after graduation happened right away, when she was assigned as a Junior Science Officer on the USS Atalanta in 2419 where she met and fell hard for the Andorian IG officer assigned as their CMO, Lt. Kali nas-Kull, who, parenthetically, is responsible for her unique look. After a short separation by duty, they were reunited in 2422 and not separated since, marrying in 2423 while on the USS Cousteau.
Service Record 2416-19: Starfleet Academy, Majors in Science, Minors in Psychology
2419: USS Atalanta, Science Officer, Chief Science Officer, Ensign
2420-21: Cetacean Institute, Pearl Harbor Earth, Researcher, Lieutenant, JG in December 2420.
2421-22: USS Enterprise-F, Special Assignment to explore Undersea World in Gamma Quadrant. (While attached to Enterprise-F the team spent almost all of their time in Hunley Shuttles under the planet's watery surface.)
2422-23: USS Medusa, Chief Science Officer, reunites with Kali, Lieutenant in 2422.
2423-24: USS Cousteau, Nebula Class, CSO/Counselor, married by Captain Freyasdottir
2424-29: USS Trafalgar, Sovereign Class, CSO, Lt. Commander in 2427.