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Lieutenant Commander Kali nas-Kull

Name Kali nas-Kull M.D.

Position Surgeon

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 1.9m
Weight 77kg
Hair Color white
Eye Color green
Physical Description Kali is tall (slightly above average for Andorian females) and physically imposing. She towers over most people, and with her antennae she is about two metres tall.

She keeps reasonably fit through exercise. While she is an Imperial Guard officer, she does not rank amongst Andoria's top tier of warriors, after all she works as a medical doctor, but she can hold her own in a physical confrontation, although it is something she prefers to avoid if possible.

On duty she is usually seen wearing a thermal insulation suit, a fabric roughly half a centimetre thick that keeps her skin temperature at a level that is more comfortable for her (and, thus, allows her to work more effectively, especially when put under a physical strain). The suit is skin-tight, in line with 24th century fashion, and has several hardpoints to attach medical equipment and weapons.

Off duty she is often seen in light, comfortable clothes especially in temperate and warmer climates, she manages to survive higher temperatures (up to around 25°C) without the need for protective clothing. She is not shy about her appearance.


Spouse Delphine Xandari
Father Thilar nis-Kull (shuttle pilot)
Mother Shivas nas-Kull (singer-songwriter)
Brother(s) Tenar (47), Felar (45), Gilan (41), Shilar (41), Plarin (37)
Sister(s) Zhenfas (46), Finas (died at 31), Shelva (44), Zila (42), Inka (39)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kali is a passionate woman with strong emotions, however she is not quick to anger. She prefers to solve disputes by non-violent means and is much easier to handle than one would expect of an Andorian woman (who tend to be the more aggressive sex in their species, by and large). Nevertheless, once she decides on a course of action, she is pig-headed and will see it through.

Unlike most Andorians, Kali is very curious to try new ways and new things. She is willing to try almost anything once, even unpleasant things, unless they're immoral or just plain stupid. Kali is outgoing and honest, she has few secrets, and most of those are of a professional rather than a personal nature.

Kali is not shy at all, not about her body or her mind. As such, she is comfortable around telepaths, at Betazoid wedding ceremonies and just about anywhere else that's not too warm (as she doesn't appreciate getting cooked).

Dedicated to her work, she's a professional who won't tolerate anything less than peak performance from those in her department. At the same time, however, she prefers a friendly work environment and prefers to lead by example rather than direction. She has no use for strict procedures and protocols, she prefers to get the job done by whatever means are most efficient.

She makes friends easily and is a very outgoing person. While her generally friendly nature is sometimes tempered by a passion for sarcasm and cynicism (admittedly, an acquired taste) she tries to make people comfortable around her.

She carries around with her a few demons from her past. She doesn't usually allow them to affect her treatment of others (either professionally or personally) but has to struggle to keep nightmares at bay.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kali is strong-willed and self-confident. Her medical skills give her an edge over many competitors in the field, and some leverage when it comes to bending the rules a little every now and then. She is physically and emotionally strong and decent with a variety of weapons. Her antennae give her quadriscopic vision and hearing, as well as the ability to detect a broader frequency of light and sound as compared to the sensory organs of a Terran.

She always speaks her mind, which has earned her the trust of some and the scorn of others. She's opinionated and won't back down on a point of professional importance unless someone convinces her that she is wrong (which is a rather challenging task, most of the time). Off-duty, however, she compromises a little too readily. She's peaceful, which has led to some abuse against her in the past. However, Kali prefers to trust people until they've proven themselves untrustworthy, rather than making everyone earn her trust the hard way.

As Andorian education emphasises the need to learn foreign languages, Kali is skilled in several, starting with Federation Standard English at the age of three, a language she is fluent in so as not to need a universal translator. One might think she was brought up in the British Isles, this changes when they find out there are a lot of cultural peculiarities she knows nothing about and some idioms she does not understand and will have to inquire about. She tends to mix her metaphors a lot.

In school she learned Klingon, Romulan and Cardassian, the languages of the most important potential allies and opponents at the time, as well as Vulcan (chosen over Tellarite) as another founding language of the Federation. Kali also picked up some conversational Bajoran and Trill while pursuing her medical degree.

Professionally, she's skilled in three areas of medicine. She's an expert in biological weapons, a skilled surgeon and a xenobiologist.
Ambitions As a curious individual, Kali's main ambition is to learn and experience the fun things out there. She's looking not for quick advancement in her career, she's looking for having a good time.

Professionally, she enjoys everyone in need as much as possible, and she has been known to overwork herself in times of crisis. Her goal is not gaining rank and authority.

On a personal level, Kali is comfortable with her current circumstances and is not looking to change a thing about them.
Hobbies & Interests Kali loves her job. She spends many hours in the lab, even after the end of her official duty shift. She's interested in the history of medicine, specifically in finding out how ancient peoples used their natural environment, such as using herbal remedies, and can often be seen in the lab analysing one plant or another.

She regularly practises zinash-raan, a combination of dancing and a ritualistic form of martial arts, an old duelling art on Andoria that was used at public spectacles, where the fighters fought to the sound of the music and the person who had a better grasp of rhythm and weapon, managing to time attacks and defence to the song, was the one who would prevail, to the entertainment of the masses. While this ancient tradition has long since been discontinued, and the weapons replaced with non-lethal counterparts so that the spectacles are entertaining but no longer end in the deaths, even if very honourable, of one of the participants, it is still an art form highly upheld and popular on Andoria.

Kali enjoys socialising but usually prefers small groups over large crowds, so that she can concentrate on individuals. In larger group settings she tends to withdraw to the role of observer, though she has no problems with being the centre of attention if the situation calls for it. She's easily persuaded by other people to join them in a variety of leisure activities.

As an intellectual, Kali also spends a lot of time reading books and journals. She considers a general education very important and strives to remain current with at least a general knowledge of various fields of importance, especially the other sciences.

- outgoing individuals showing her new things
- good food and drink
- holonovels
- good companionship
- swimming, especially in natural bodies of water
- hiking, especially glaciers and mountains
- hunting - but with a camera, not a weapon
- practical jokes
- the cold

- paperwork
- bureaucracy
- military ceremonies
- the heat
- people who screw around on the job
- stuck-up snobs
- being lied to
- intoxicated people
- people who try to dodge physicals

Personal History Kali was born in early winter of 2392, as the youngest of eleven children to Thilar nis-Kull, a shuttle pilot, and Shivas nas-Kull, a daughter of the proud Tron clan and a famous Andorian singer and composer. Being the youngest child she had the opportunity to learn from her older siblings but was at the same time always the smallest, most protected child in the group. She grew up in rural Binarilas province, however close enough to the important sea- and spaceport of Tamir to see the larger ships land and take off all day round.

From the early years on her interest for the sciences and the arts, long-standing traditions in her family line, was greater than that for military service. Most of her older siblings decided to either enlist in the Imperial Guard at the age of sixteen or take officer training and take on a leadership role at age 20. Kali, however, originally had quite different plans. While growing up she developed great skill at the zinash-raan, winning several local tournaments and making it to the semi-finals for all of Andoria in 2408, at the age of sixteen, losing only to her childhood friend and training partner Tibas gesh-Tron who then won the finale. They were both disappointed to have been put against each other by the lot in the semi-finals and would have preferred to fight one another in the finale. That, however, didn't stop them from celebrating Tibas's great victory and title as Andorian champion.

Kali had never envisioned a career in sports, however, her main focus during her education had been on the sciences, and she was especially talented in the biological sciences. She was approached by the senior instructor at the Tamir campus and she was offered a chance to study at the Andorian War College to become an officer of the Imperial Guard. She accepted and enrolled at the War College in 2409, taking classes in biological science and medicine, subjects traditionally linked with each other in Andorian schooling, while of course also receiving training in advanced tactics, strategy and leadership like any other Andorian officer. During her time there Kali and Tibas shared a cabin and helped each other along, and were as close as two people could be.

She received her commission in 2413 and, just in time to serve in the Valarian Incident as part of the Imperial Guard ground forces as a field surgeon. The end of the conflict brought with it a tragedy and has burnt itself into Kali's memory, as it was during the final offensive thrust that her friend Tibas was fatally wounded. Even trying her best and using all her medical skills, Kali had not been able to save her on the operating table.

After the war Kali pondered a change in her career. She was curious, wanted to see more of the galaxy than what was offered by the Imperial Guard, but more so wanted to distance herself from her memories of Tibas's death. Seeing and working in an Imperial Guard sickbay would always remind her of it, and she decided to take a leave of absence from the service, working in the sterile environment of a medical research lab on Risa, a place that offered ample opportunity for distraction from bad memories. She remained affiliated with the Imperial Guard and returned to active duty in 2417.

In early 2417 she was posted to the command cruiser A.I.G. Trimbir as Assistant Chief Medical Officer. She stayed on the Trimbir for a two years, time during which she also had the chance to deepen her familiarity with biological warfare agents and the defence against them, as the Trimbir encountered an extinct civilisation in 2418, with the virus that had killed the people still active. Later that same year the crew was granted shore leave on Bajor, a stay Kali very much enjoyed.

She was promoted to the rank equivalent to Starfleet's Lieutenant that year and made the Trimbir's Chief Medical Officer, as the CMO was killed by the virus before the cure could be found. While on the Trimbir, Kali also had a close personal relationship with her Commanding Officer, something that several other crewmembers frowned upon but were unable to stop, especially since both officers belonged to different clans. To this day the two officers are friends and enjoy spending time together in case they happen to be in the same port, even though that only rarely happens.

After the Trimbir's mission was over, in mid-2419, Kali was on layover at Starbase 279 when the Intrepid class U.S.S. Atalanta was short a Chief Medical Officer and Kali volunteered to take the position for the duration of the Atalanta's assignment. It was on the Atalanta that she met Delphine Xandari, who would later turn out to be the love of her life. Otherwise, the stay on the Starfleet vessel was rather uneventful.

In 2420 Kali was posted as Chief Medical Officer on the A.I.G. Telandir, a Vinas Ler class strike cruiser, at the equivalent rank of Lieutenant Commander, a posting that brought back memories of her late friend but one which she also enjoyed, as the Lir's Commander was none other than her dear friend's father, a man she had known since she was a toddler. The Telandir was involved in several clandestine operations dealing with a Romulan extremist group that had eluded the grasp of both the Galae'Rihanna and at least officially was not supported by the Tal'Shiar, building biological weapons with which to wipe out two of the Star Empire's greatest potential enemies, the Klingons and the Andorians. The Telandir uncovered their hiding place and neutralised the Romulan scientists and their guards. Kali salvaged and evaluated their research, determining that the threat was very real.

One and a half years into her tour she was gravely injured during an away mission when a pack of garinar, wolf-like creatures that were the size of bears, attacked the away team. Two other members of the team died and it was only her exoskeleton that saved her, as it prevented the animals from crushing her ribcage. Having lost a lot of blood and needing reconstructive surgery to her face as well as the replacement of her left arm and breast, she was in a coma for thirteen days and unfit for duty for another two months, spent at home on sick leave, though eventually she regained full mobility.

She was reunited with Delphine in 2422, when Kali accepted the position as CMO aboard the Defiant class vessel Medusa, just so she could be with Delphine, despite her displeasure at finding the medical facilities to be a joke, and in bad taste at that. Starfleet was an interesting environment, however, very different from her work in the Imperial Guard. She had enjoyed her brief stay on the Atalanta for more than just personal reasons, and was thus happy to resume working for the organisation. She refused the Starfleet commission that was offered, though, and retained her rank and position, as well as the duty uniform, of the Imperial Guard.

After two years, their situation was much improved by getting a transfer to the Nebula class Cousteau, where Kali experienced for the first time the true awesomeness that were Starfleet's proper medical facilities outside of a starbase, but only got to spend 2423 and 2424 on her. They managed to hold a fully Betazoid wedding ceremony in the crew lounge in 2423, with even the otherwise reserved skipper, Captain Inga Freyasdottir, attending to officiate.

With a transfer to the Sovereign class ship Trafalgar, a proper, old-fashioned five year mission began for them, which took the ship around Romulan space to explore what lay behind it, they also found out what 'other matters' had occupied the Romulans during their absence in the first half of the 24th century - a massive invasion by a now ruined empire the remnants of which are the space-faring Mildargarians, a people living entirely on starships and without a homeworld, dependent on trading and being allowed to repair and resupply at alien outposts and starbases. Friendly relations were established as the Mildargarians had long since given up the destructive path of conquest which had brought ruin to their civilisation.

With the Trafalgar's five year mission over in 2429, the pair was reassigned to the Valhalla. Much of the Valhalla's design was familiar, since it was mostly a Galaxy refit with those parts which had made the Nebula class a great and versatile starship added to the craft, and an additional set of weapons designed for assaulting starbases and other fortified but immobile, or at least slow-moving, targets. Borg cubes better look out for this one, Kali joked when coming aboard. Of course it helped her pride in the vessel that it was the Andorian Vinas Ler class which had originally pioneered the Strike Cruiser design, back in the day when the Federation was looking for an answer to the powerful Negh'Var's assault disrupters.