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Lieutenant Commander Serena Rush

Name Serena Rush

Position Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 190
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Petite, blond and pretty


Spouse None
Children None
Father Robin
Mother Hillary
Brother(s) Stephen, Ben and Tyler all elder
Sister(s) None
Other Family Engaged to Commander Seth Travis

Personality & Traits

General Overview Serena wears her heart upon her sleeve and that according to her friends is what makes her likeable. She has a cheerful and friendly face, but her over active mouth and utter clumsiness can land her into trouble before she realises it.
Like any other person Serena can be wound up tight from stress and the pressure of her duties, but she keeps them under control in the presence of company but if for whatever circumstances she cannot withhold her rising anger she stomps around heavily like a child with a tantrum.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Highly compassionate
+ Very outgoing and social
+ Determinant

- Where's her hear upon her sleeve
- She's incredibly clumsy
- Has spells on no self confidence
Ambitions Return to full health following major spinal surgery
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys playing tennis and soccer, above all she loves to dance

Personal History The Rush family like many of the earlier residents of Earth emigrated to Australia centuries ago, so the sunshine could brighten their lives after family conflicts and unwanted circumstances from their original home place.
By the year 2391 when Serena was born the Rush name had been in residence of the northern hemisphere for two hundred years so Serena was in every right a citizen of Australia and like countless others she learned the loose ways of life and developed a strong but likeable accent.
Serena was the daughter of three, both siblings being boys. Although she was the rose between the thorns often teased by her older brother she was able to fight just as hard and as well as they. Despite that she’d been known to whine to her mother asking why she couldn’t be a boy like her brothers.

By the time she was seven and attended school for the first time she began to realise the differences between herself and her other female classmates. She felt isolated and sought help for the head teacher after an afternoon of bullying.
Jenny Thomas was a warm and gentle woman, she took the tear stained Serena into her arms and wiped away her tears explaining that when Serena was older all of this would be much clearer, but until that time she dared to challenge Serena into something rather unexpected. Since growing with brothers Serena had copied them in their appearances as well as their behaviour so Jenny dared the child to grow her soft blond hair and by the time Serena was old enough to leave the junior school Jenny challenged her again to wear a skirt that was one of the pieces of uniform Serena had declined to wear since she started.
Much to the surprise to all those who knew the scruffy little girl were astounded by the changes that followed. She began to grow into a perfect little woman minding her manners and putting her previously restless energy into her studies.

At the graduation of her University families were invited to bring photographs of their children of their choosing, and out of all the young women gathered none of them could believe that the unruly tom boy child in the photographs were Serena Rush who had matured into beautiful and intelligent woman. The only give away were to pale blue eyes that shone in the hot Australian sunshine.
Service Record USS Lynx
Freshly graduated from the Academy Serena took up a junior position in the Counselling department upon the USS Lynx and like most other young officers her eyes were wide, eager to help and please. She settled into her role quite comfortably with the guiding hand of her senior Lieutenant Commander Jenkins, man twice her age but full of enthusiasm for the young recruits.

Her desire to make a good impression with her new colleagues and prove that despite being blond she had the brains to back up her qualification Rush excelled further than she’d even imagined. Within a couple of years she’d been promoted and was offered the exceptionally rare chance to serve upon the Federation’s Flagship

USS Enterprise

From the moment she arrived aboard Serena felt out of place working upon the grandest ship in the fleet. Her nerves ruled her every move, until a quiet word with Captain Teagarden reassured the young lady she had little to be concerned, she was on this ship for a reason and one alone – he’d picked her out of countless other candidates. She simply had to trust in her abilities and have some faith in herself.

With these words taken to heart Serena embraced on the widest ride of her life, setting foot on distant planets, travelling into unknown charters coming to the aid of countless souls in dire need. Along the journey she allowed her heart to flutter even against her better judgement. In fact, she became an object of desire among the male population who’d concluded the combination of stunning looks, brains mired wit outstanding blonde moments were intoxicating.

USS Gettysburg
Transferred to the Gettysburg while Enterprise began intensive overhaul in dock. Rush’s posting upon the Gettysburg was exceptionally short, within one month having soothed over the edgy crew the ship was lost to a swift and violent attack. During the evacuation of none personnel she sustained multiple injuries including a Thoracic spine fracture paralyzing her from the neck downwards.

USS Atlantis
Unable to fully shake the knowledge repair to her spinal injury ran a high risk of permeant damage Rush continued on as best as possible with the assistance of hoover chair and moto bands. Though her quality of life had taken a hit and her role onboard was restricted the Counselor teamed up with long term lover Commander Seth Travis perfecting her Diplomatic skills. These were fundamental forging new allies in the Delta Quadrant as the Atlantis ventured deeper into unknown territory attempting to make new connections.