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Where has Kim been?

Posted on Sun Oct 25th, 2020 @ 3:43am by Commander JJ Barnes

Another update on my lack of posting. As you all know 2020 has been a crap year. On top of the pandemic, I live in Iowa and we suffered what is called a Derecho on Aug 10th. Basically it's a rare "land hurricane". We had reports in some areas near us of up to 140 MPH winds. There wasn't a home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where I live that wasn't damaged. Some were destroyed, some lost roofs and top floors. Trees were down everywhere. Our power was out for a week and a half, other's were out for longer than that. The mobile home we currently live in took some pretty serious damage, but is still livable, others in our neighborhood weren't so lucky.

Now the good news that comes from all of this. We decided to not to sink money back into our money pit mobile home. We have an accepted bid on an actual brick and mortar home, and if inspections go ok we will be moving across town in mid Dec.

On top of that I'm in the process of doing some licensing testing for my job, and studying takes a lot of time. I should be done with all of that soon.

I just wanted to let you all know I haven't forgotten you. Life s just in a crazy place right now in our household.

I'll be around as soon as I find a few minutes free!



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